The release is by the Festival Public Relation Chairperson Alicia Wells
Saturday, July 06, 2019

The release is by the Festival Public Relation Chairperson Alicia Wells

The St. John Festival and Cultural Organization, Inc. wishes to clarify the events surrounding the morning activities of July 4, 2019, that led to an abbreviated performance by Patrice Roberts.  

Entertainment arrangements were made for the village to remain open until 4 a.m., which would lead up to J’Ouvert.

A decision was made by a Virgin Islands Police Department sergeant that the festivities would end at 3 a.m., and he even went as far as to threaten to arrest the performers.

Despite the numerous attempts to reason with the sergeant, he remained unwilling to verify the laws being referenced or contacting his superiors for proper guidance.  Out of fear of being arrested, Patrice Roberts abbreviated her performance.

The net result of one person’s actions emptied the Festival Village, leaving unsatisfied patrons, sending them home due to the lack of entertainment, particularly on a night where the festivities in the village were intended to lead into J’Ouvert.

These types of actions have a negative affect on all of us and it hurts the perception of the territory on an international level.

The Festival Committee apologizes to the community, Patrice Roberts and her management team.  

We are also requesting the appropriate action be taken to discipline the individual acting on his own authority and disregarding the very VI Code that his oath mandates that he upholds.

The negative repercussions of such actions are far reaching and will continue to deteriorate the reputation of these beloved Virgin Islands.